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Blended by Flavoursmiths

In order to bring you the best-of-the-best, we searched far and wide for a team of expert flavoursmiths — from tea experts to mixologists. We share the same passion in serving up the most scrumptious flavours, and vision in pushing boundaries. Together, we pour a lot of love and care every step of the way, from sourcing the finest ingredients to crafting the perfect blend!



Our tea experts are the guardians of flavour, pouring their expertise and passion into every cup. With unwavering dedication, they scour the land for the finest and rarest tea leaves, carefully sourced from local farms, steering clear of generic mass-produced suppliers. Each batch is handpicked and custom roasted to-order, ensuring a bespoke tea experience that delights the senses. We believe in laying a strong foundation, and our tea experts know that the secret to exceptional drinks lies in the delicate precision of blending and pouring.


We recognize the shared artistry between these two realms, demanding a deep understanding of blends, flavors, and techniques to create extraordinary concoctions. That's why we've joined forces with world-class mixologists, combining their expertise with our milk tea mastery. Together, we dare to explore uncharted territories, introducing unexpected ingredients from the captivating world of cocktails into our unique milk tea blends.


Gelato Maestro

The visionary behind our delectable frozen creations. With a deep passion for the craft, they are masters of the gelato universe, weaving their expertise into every scoop. Their extensive knowledge of flavors, ingredients, and techniques enables them to craft gelato that transcends the ordinary, delivering a symphony of taste and texture.

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