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Made with Small-batch tea leaves 

Step into the extraordinary world of small-batch tea leaves. Bid farewell to generic teas as we source directly from small, independent farms, bringing you exceptional flavors and unparalleled quality. This commitment to excellence drives our costs, which can be significantly higher than those of generic suppliers. However, we firmly believe that the experience of our unparalleled tea-drinking journey is worth every penny. With meticulous attention to detail, we curate the finest leaves to meet our lofty standards. Embark on a remarkable flavor adventure through our carefully curated menu. Welcome to a realm where small-batch tea leaves redefine excellence.

1. Jasmine Green.jpg

Jasmine Green

Carefully hand-rolled spring tea leaves from northern Taiwan. Aromatic Pouchong with a sweet and smooth taste. Combined with natural jasmine flowers traditionally roasted with the tea leaves, boasts its floral profile. A harmonious interplay of jasmine flower, pollen sweetness, and the refreshing essence of green and tart apple. 

​Region: Pinglin, Taiwan
Altitude: 400 m 
Process: Light Ferm., Light Roast
Harvest: April - August

Jade Oolong

Picked during optimal sunlight hours, the tea leaves exude a mesmerizing aroma reminiscent of fragrant orchids. Meticulously processed and sorted, the result is a captivating golden yellow and honey green profile with a delightful fragrance and a fresh sweet taste.

​Region: Nantou, Taiwan
Altitude: 300 m 
Process: Light Ferm., Light Roast
Harvest: March - October

2. Jade Oolong.jpg
3. Icy Peak.jpg

Icy Peak

Grown in a cool climate with well-draining soil, these tea leaves undergo meticulous processing, including medium-temperature roasting for 72 hours. This intricate process results in a full-bodied sweetness, enhanced by a charming nutty aroma and a deep amber color.

Region: Nantou, Taiwan

Altitude: 750 m 
Process: Heavy Ferm., Med. Roast
Harvest: March - October
Award: iTQI 2022

Red Oolong

Thick and velvety texture, ripe fruit aroma, and mellow smooth taste, this tea invigorates the senses. Each infusion leaves a sweet and satisfying aftertaste, highlighting the delightful notes of wild ginger flowers, red dates and honey.

Region: Taitung, Taiwan

Altitude: 250 - 450 m 
Process: 80% Ferm., Heavy Roast
Harvest: May - October
Award: MFF 2022 - Champion Milk Tea

4. Red Oolong.jpg
5. Cousin Earl Grey.jpg

Cousin Earl Grey

Infused with French bergamot, complemented by citrus peels and herbaceous accents like lavender, this exquisite tea unveils a complex and layered flavor profile. Indulge in the harmonious marriage of robust tea and aromatics.

Region: Sri Lanka and Kenya

Altitude: 110 - 2,200 m 

Process: Full Ferm., Heavy Roast

Harvest: Dry Season

Harmony Black

Harmonious symphony of flavors. Deep, earthy undertones of nutty cocoa, caramel, and a velvety fruity finish. The result of this blend is evoke a sense of indulgence, leaving you craving another sip.

Region: Sri Lanka, Kenya and Taiwan

Altitude: 100 - 2,000 m 

Process: Mixed Ferm., Heavy Roast

Harvest: Summer and Fall

6. Harmony Black.jpg
7. Iron Buddah.jpg

Iron Buddah

Rich and mellow notes of dried longan, toasted rice and deep burnt firewood, creating subtle hint of sweet bitterness. This amber-colored brew has a captivating reddish oily sheen, leaving a mouthful of satisfying flavor and a long lasting impression.

Region: Nantou, Taiwan

Altitude: 600 m 

Process: Med. Ferm., Heavy Roast

Harvest: Year-Round

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